If your heels are constantly giving you grief, then welcome to the club!

The painful reality is that most Americans today have suffered from discomfort in their heels at least once in their lifetime. And for many, this pain has become a part of their daily routine.

Maybe your heels start protesting first thing in the morning as you take your first steps out of bed, or maybe they wait until later in the afternoon to start complaining. One thing is true, however – that annoying pain follows you to work every day!

But just because heel pain is a common condition, it doesn’t mean you should learn to live with it or keep ignoring the pain, hoping that it will one day go away on its own. In fact, doing so will likely only make matters much worse.

When you seek proper diagnosis and treatment, conservative (non-surgical) methods may be more than enough to provide you with the relief you thought you’d never get. Indeed, from simple stretching exercises to footwear modifications, there are many easy ways to get rid of heel pain for good – while you’re hard at work or just enjoying fun times with family and friends.

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