It can be very frustrating to have received successful treatment for heel pain, only to have your discomfort return in the future.

When this happens, there are several potential reasons we tend to suspect first:

  • A lapse in treatment. Some treatments, such as custom orthotics, require consistent use to remain effective. Otherwise, the condition that originally caused heel pain is no longer being addressed, and the pain can return.

  • Changes that require treatment adjustments. Bodies and circumstances evolve over time. Significant shifts in weight, the physical demands of exercise or work, or even events such as pregnancy can cause foot structure and other factors to change. When they do, previous treatments might not be keeping up, and will need to be altered.

  • Equipment has worn out. Just as we change, so can items such as braces or orthotics. When items such as these wear out, they need refurbishment or replacement to ensure they continue doing their job well.

  • There is a whole new problem. It is entirely possible that a new problem has developed with heel pain as a symptom, and will need to be treated accordingly.

Whatever the cause behind a recurrence of heel pain may be, do not wait and expect it to improve on its own. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll get to the root of the problem.

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