Heel Pain in the Morning El Paso Podiatrist Dr. Bruce Scudday

Heel pain is a symptom, not a condition, and can have many potential causes.

However, heel pain that is worst in the early morning (or after an extended rest period) is a classic symptom of plantar fasciitis.

In this condition, the plantar fascia—a thick band of tissue on the underside of the foot—becomes inflamed near the bottom of the heel. At night (or when you’re not bearing weight), the plantar fascia contracts. When you get up again, the initial shock and pressure of the plantar fascia being stretched again can cause pain to spike. However, within a few minutes, the pain begins to recede again.

Fortunately, plantar fasciitis is very treatable, and conservative options such as padding, night splints, stretching, and injection therapy are almost always effective.

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