When pain or dysfunction develop in a foot or ankle, one of the reasons people will hesitate to seek treatment is fear that the problem will require surgery. Accordingly, it only makes sense for patients to wonder if surgery is their best option.

We are happy to let you know that surgery isn’t always the recommended option. In fact, a majority of foot and ankle problems are successfully resolved with conservative (nonsurgical) care.

We will take every measure possible to treat your condition or injury without invasive procedures, and have many possible treatment options that could work.

That said, there are obviously times when surgery is the best course forward. This could be the case for situations such as:

  • Severe pain or dysfunction
  • Correcting progressive conditions
  • Recurrent ingrown toenails
  • Structural abnormalities responsible for repeated problems
  • Athletes who wish to return to their respective sports

With regard to treating progressive conditions—such as bunions and hammertoes—there are instances wherein conservative care can address symptoms and potentially keep the condition from worsening. This is more likely to be true in earlier stages. Even with that being the case, the only way to truly correct a wayward or abnormal bent toe is with surgical intervention.

There are many factors to be considered when making the decision as to whether or not we recommend surgical intervention, including age, other treatment options, lifestyle goals, and, of course, the condition and its severity.

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