Diabetes is a complex disease that can cause significant health problems throughout the body, including the feet.

If you have diabetes, your body has a harder time controlling levels of sugar in the blood stream. Over time, those high sugar levels impair circulation and damage peripheral nerves, especially in the extremities far from the brain and heart—in other words, the feet.

These two “core” complications—peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation in feet—are an especially dangerous combination:

  • Without healthy circulation, your body can’t get enough oxygen and nutrients to the feet. It also can’t fight infections or repair damaged tissue as quickly.
  • Without healthy nerves, you might not feel any painful sensations when you hurt yourself. That’s not a good thing—it means you might not notice a cut or bruise until after it has time to get much worse.

When these conditions become severe, even “small” injuries like cuts and scrapes can fester and become infected wounds. Without immediate treatment, you could end up losing your feet to a necessary amputation.

Fortunately, you can prevent these complications by managing your diabetes carefully, inspecting your feet every day, getting all foot injuries checked out immediately, and scheduling an annual checkup with your podiatrist.

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