Bunions fall into a category of foot problems we call progressive foot deformities, alongside conditions such as hammertoes and adult-acquired flatfoot.

What these conditions all have in common, unfortunately, is that they can only be repaired via surgery. However, this does not mean that every bunion needs surgery.

With any treatment, the main goals are to reduce your pain to manageable levels and allow you to regain full activity and function. If your bunion is still relatively minor, this can sometimes be achieved using conservative treatments. For example:

  • Switching shoes
  • Padding
  • Taping
  • Splint
  • OTC anti-inflammatory medication
  • Injections

However, if these treatments cannot control the pain, and the bunion is impairing daily activities—or preventing specific activities that are extremely important to you—surgery is usually the best and most recommended treatment option.

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