Dr. Bruce Scudday offers helpful tips and practical advice on caring for your feet. You can also learn more about foot and ankle conditions and the latest treatments.

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  • Fall Sports and Sports Injuries Don’t suffer a preventable sports injury this fall! Prepare your body properly so you can enjoy your exercise while limiting your risk of pain.
  • Treating & Preventing Ingrown Toenails Dr. Bruce Scudday discusses ingrown toenails, including how to recognize them, treatment options, and preventative measures you can take. This common problem can cause discomfort or pain, which means you will want to do something about it if you develop one. In the event you have a toenail that has become ingrown, contact Dr. Scudday’s office for professional care.
  • How to Protect Your Diabetic Feet If you have diabetes, your feet are highly susceptible to nerve damage, wounds, and other complications. But there’s hope—most severe complications and injuries are preventable.
  • Why Do My Heels Hurt So Badly? For some, it’s flat feet. For others, bad shoes. But why are your heels hurting so badly? Dr. Bruce Scudday of El Paso, TX investigates the possibilities.
  • Foot and Ankle Surgeries Dr. Bruce Scudday will attempt to resolve your foot or ankle condition or injury through nonsurgical means. The truth of the matter, though, is that sometimes foot and ankle surgeries are necessary for optimal pain relief or to restore normal movement. Understanding your options will help you make an informed decision if surgery is the recommended course of action.
  • Is It Finally Time for Bunion Surgery? If your bunion is causing you more and more stress, it might be a sign that you need surgery. But conservative treatments may yet be effective. How can you tell when it’s finally time? Dr. Bruce Scudday in El Paso explains.
  • Is Your Running Shoe Right for You? Finding the right running shoe can be the difference between a great run and a painful injury! Learn more about what to look for and how to shop from Dr. Bruce Scudday in El Paso.

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