Dr. Bruce Scudday offers helpful tips and practical advice on caring for your feet. You can also learn more about foot and ankle conditions and the latest treatments.

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  • Does Foot Surgery Hurt? Foot surgery is often a huge step toward lasting comfort, but what about the pain you might experience following a procedure? Dr. Bruce Scudday discusses post-operative pain.
  • Kick Away Heel Pain from Soccer Don’t let heel pain keep you sidelined for the soccer season! Read our blog to find out how to kick heel pain to the curb.
  • Heel Pain While at Work? If heel pain is keeping you from doing your best work, then it’s time to come visit our office. Dr. Bruce Scudday can determine if your discomfort is caused by an overuse injury and provide the best treatment options available to get you back on your feet in no time!
  • Why Do My Heels Hurt in the Morning? Wondering where that heel pain is coming from? Does it threaten to ruin your mornings on a daily basis? Are you ready to do something about it? Read our blog to find out how to get rid of your heel pain today.
  • What’s Wrong With My Toes? (A Quiz For You) From bunions to gout, there are many problems that can affect your toes. Take our quiz to get an idea of what may be causing your discomfort and come visit Dr. Scudday to get the treatment you need today!
  • Things You Should Know About Foot Health To stay moving you need to get moving AND take care of your feet while you are at it. Read our blog to find out why foot and ankle health is so important for you and your ability to perform favorite activities.
  • Why See a Podiatrist? Your feet are the foundation to your entire body. Read our blog and find out why you should start paying more attention to these unsung heroes!
  • Plantar Warts: Myths and Facts When it comes to treating plantar warts, what works and what doesn’t? Dr. Bruce Scudday, a podiatrist in El Paso, provides the facts.
  • Bunion Prevention Tips By making a few smart, tactical choices about footwear and stretching, you may be able to prevent bunions from occurring—or at least slow the rate at which they get worse.
  • Surgery Isn't the First Choice for Heel Pain Surgery for heel pain should never be an option unless no other methods have been successful. El Paso podiatrist Bruce Scudday explains why this is the case.
  • 5 Ways to Enjoy Fall in El Paso You have an array of options for enjoying fall in El Paso—but foot pain can take them away or make them less enjoyable than they should be. Dr. Bruce Scudday offers five things you can do so your feet are healthy and pain-free during this time of year (and beyond!).
  • 10 Foot Health Tips Your foot health matters more than you might think—so Dr. Bruce Scudday takes the time to offer ten tips so your feet feel and function their very best. Since your lower limbs play such a vital role in allowing you to move around and have independence, follow these tips so you can have the freedom to do the activities you want to do!

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